Alcuin Lodge of Freemasons No.6300

Who are we?

Freemasonry has been active in the City of York from a very early period and can be traced back to the 17th Century.

Alcuin No. 6300 is a private and independent Lodge although naturally it follows the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Masonic governing body, the United Grand Lodge of England.

Consecrated in 1946 the Lodge was named after the Scholar Alcuin whose motto was “Learn in order to teach”. It is now the motto of the Lodge.

Alcuin Lodge meets monthly at Castlegate House, Castlegate, York, on the second Tuesday except in July and August. Our Installation meeting, when a new Master is installed, is in December.

Membership is open to all men of good standing age 21 and over (or from age 18 by dispensation). Those below age 25 benefit from reduced fees.

Alcuin Lodge is happy to consider all applications for membership.

What is Freemasonry?

Here is a short video that might just help you to understand what it is to be a mason a little bit better: